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Have you lost your way with your nutrition?

food-diaryThis is a common problem considering every where we look is temptation.  Our lives are busier and convenience foods and takeaways are a tempting option instead of cooking a meal from scratch after a long day at work.

If you have lost your way with your nutrition, these are my top three tips to help you find your way.

Commit yourself to Consistency

If you are truly committed to your goal, in order to move toward your goal, rather than away from it, you need to exercise consistency. This is an adherence to the same patterns of behaviour that lead to success.  You may lose your way a little at times due to barriers such as long days at work and stressors such as your emotions but do not beat yourself up.  It is important to acknowledge that inconsistency moves you away from your goal and that you need to get back into your consistent routine as soon as possible to keep you on track.

Recall a successful week when you were what I call in flow state, where you managed to eat well and it felt effortless.  Consider what was different about this week, perhaps it was it your state of mind, maybe you were more motivated and believed you can achieve your goals or maybe you were not feel rebellious or resentful towards the idea of eating healthy.

Make time for Preparation

Expecting success with your goals but not making time to do what is needed to get there and feeling frustrated is not helpful.  On your journey you have to be honest with yourself. Consider whether you are making the time to do a regular shop to have the healthy foods you need to stay on track at your disposal.  Also consider if you have been at home enough to prepare the meals or are you going out so much that you not only do not have time to cook healthy meals but are distracted by temptation when you are eating meals out or drinking alcohol.

If you really want the results you have to prepare for them. Write a shopping list and set a day to go shopping every week so that you do not run out of healthy foods, also look at your week ahead and plan and limit yourself to how many times you should realistically go out.  If time is a factor for you to cook, then research quick and easy recipes like Jamies 15 minute meals (obviously not all of these are healthy so make sensible choices).  Finally if you are going out to eat perhaps look at the restaurants menu on-line before you get there so you can choose a healthier option in advance.

Keep a food diary

This is a simple technique that can help you to achieve healthy habits. You can keep this in any format that works for you, in your diary, a notebook, your smart-phone or in a spreadsheet. I use a week to view form with my clients, which helps me to get a snapshot of everything they have been eating that week. It is easy to try and avoid what we know we are doing wrong, using a food diary can help you to feel more accountable for your actions, which helps to keep you more self aware and on track.

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