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What is Wellness Coaching?

client ptA decade working in the fitness industry has enabled me to establish very quickly which client can benefit from straight forward Personal Training and which client might need a little more attention obtained via Wellness Coaching.  One approach can work without the other, but this depends on the clients background such as exercise history, relationship with food and current attitudes and behaviours to health and fitness.

On many occasions the two approaches can work brilliantly together to achieve quicker and lasting results than with Personal Training alone.  This combined approach is achieved during each Personal Training session.  The usual tools such as exercise prescription, programme design and food diaries to address current eating habits will be used but in addition to this attention will be paid to the language used by the client as well as current behaviours in relation to consistency, preparation and motivation.

On some occasions it will be clear that a client is not ready for Personal Training and would benefit more from addressing their ‘mind body’ relationship.  A more in depth understanding of the clients current behaviours to encourage the client toward greater consistency and self reliance will be established first before embarking on an exercise programme.

This would involve asking specialised questions and goal setting strategies to coach the client into a more mindful state of being to increase a level of self awareness and reflection that personal training alone cannot always cover.

Wellness coaching in summary offers mind change and motivation exercises, which provides an even greater level of results for those of you who may have started and stopped when aiming to achieve your goals in the past.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from simply book your free consultation 

Mind Body Coaching provides Home Personal Training in Harold Wood, Barking, Dagenham, Goodmayes, Ilford, Wanstead and surrounding areas.



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