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Mindful eating helps you stay on track with weight loss

Eating a little bit of what you fancy (mindfully) can help you to stay on track with your weight loss goals, whereas depriving yourself of your favourite foods can actually make you want them more and when you do eventually eat them, it is also more likely that you will overeat.

That’s why mindful eating is so important in order to achieve and maintain your healthy eating and weight loss goals.

Mindful eating is about being in touch with your needs when it comes to food and it helps you make the right choices that feel good in the moment and later.

Visualise yourself at a birthday party and the cake comes out. When you practice mindful eating, you will consider whether you really want the cake or not by asking yourself questions like;

  • How will I feel if I eat the cake?
  • Am I even hungry or am I full already?
  • Will it satisfy me, or should I wait to eat something that I will enjoy more?
  • How would it feel if I don’t eat the cake?
  • Will I feel deprived if I don’t have any and possibly go home to eat more than I would, than if I just had the cake?

These answers will help you figure out what you really want without the guilt if you do decide to have the cake.  If you decide not to have the cake you will be more self aware and able to make similar decisions in the future.

The key thing is that the majority of your meals are healthy and balanced.  As long as this is the case you can then enjoy the occasional guilt free treat.

If you feel that you need more support to achieve mindful eating simply book your free consultation for Personal Training or Wellness Coaching.

To find out more please read about the mission of the Mind Body Balance Eating Plan.

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