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Do you want to get great results on a smaller budget or you need a more flexible service that accommodates your busy lifestyle?

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Online Personal Training via my Mind Body Coaching App will be specific and personalised to your needs.

I can build your plan around what equipment you have access to, time you have available and I will personally track your progress along the way

£75 per month subscription includes


  • Psychometric Test and results, which will tell you how psychologically ready you are to lose weight and make change.
  • Fully personalised training plan updated each month (includes videos of exercises and the ability to record your own technique so I can give you feedback)
  • Nutrition Coaching via completion of an Online Food Diary. I will monitor and give you feedback, enabling you to make gradual lasting change.
  • Habit tracking to break old habits and create positive news ones.
  • Instant messaging via the App to ask questions and to obtain support when you need it.
  • Monthly one to one call.
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